About DoubleClickGaming

Welcome to DoubleClickGaming! DoubleClickGaming started out near the end of 2011 aiming to provide people with Dota 2 Video Clips from my Youtube as well as other video game clips. I currently maintain this site myself and plan to provide the community with video game news and updates (Including Dota 2, MMORPGS, MMOFPS, etc).

DoubleClickGaming aims to provide weekly Dota 2 Hero guides and daily news on video games other than just Dota 2. Most of the information will be from English sources.

Having said that, if you need to contact me I have a number of ways available for you. You could inbox me on Facebook (Prefer if you added me) or personal message me on Youtube. You can also message me Here, but that's if you don't have me on Facebook friend, or Youtube Subscribe. Facebook and Youtube are faster responses.

                              Here are my PC Specs if your wondering