Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dota 2 Test Build Update - Rubick, The Grand Magus released!

Rubick - The Grand Magus has been released on the Dota 2 Test Build.
Stay tuned for bug fixes and the following stable build for Dota 2. Below is Rubick's soundset, skillset and patch notes. Enjoy!

Telekinesis icon.png
Ability Affects
Target Unit Enemies
Rubick uses his telekinetic powers to lift the enemy into the air briefly and then hurls them back at the ground. The unit lands on the ground with such force that it stuns nearby enemies.
Range: 550/575/600/625
Radius: 325
Lift duration: 1.5/1.75/2/2.25
Stun duration: 1/1.25/1.5/1.75
Cooldown 18 Mana 120
Telekinesis Land
Telekinesis Land icon.png
Target Point
Chooses the location the target will land when Telekinesis finishes.
Fade Bolt
Fade Bolt icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Unit Enemies Magical
Rubick creates a powerful stream of arcane energy that travels between enemy units, dealing damage and reducing their attack damage.
Range: 800
Bounce Distance: 500
Duration: 10
Damage: 75/150/225/300
Attack damage decrease: 14/20/26/32 (7/10/13/16 for creeps)
Cooldown 16/14/12/10 Mana 150
Null Field
Null Field icon.png
Ability Affects
Aura Allied Heroes
Rubick's mastery of the arcane protects his allies against weaker magics, granting them magic resistance.
Radius: 900
Bonus magic resistance: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Spell Steal
Spell Steal icon.png
Ability Affects
Target Unit Enemy Heroes
Rubick studies the trace magical essence of one enemy hero, learning the secrets of the last spell the hero cast. Rubick can use this spell as his own for several minutes or until he dies.
Range: 1000
Duration: 3/4/5 minutes
Cooldown 20/18/16 Mana 25

Spells Rubick Cannot Steal

  • Alacrity
  • Borrowed Time
  • Devour
  • Exorcism
  • Fade Bolt
  • Fire Remnant
  • Insatiable Hunger
  • Morph Agility
  • Morph Strength
  • Overcharge
  • Refraction
  • Shadowraze X
  • Shadowraze Z
  • Soul Assumption
  • Spell Steal
  • Spin Web
  • Spirits
  • Summon Spirit Bear
  • Telekinesis
  • Tornado
  • X Marks the Spot
  • Useless abilities (for instance, subabilities, or Quas/Wex/Exort/Invoke)
  • Transformation abilities (Chemical Rage, Firefly, Flak Cannon, ...)
  • Arrow abilities (Poison Attack, Glaives of Wisdom, ...) 

Dota 2 Test Build Update - June 19, 2012
Product Update - Valve
- Added Rubick!
- Bane: Fixed Fiend's Grip not ending if Kraken Shell dispels it.
- Chaos Knight: Reality Rift now puts the Chaos Knight behind his target.
- Clockerk: Fixed Hookshot stunning dead units.
- Gyrocopter: Fixed Homing Missle not giving any bounty.
- Invoker: Fixed Alacrity interaction with Magic Immunity
- Kunkka: Fixed Ghost Ship allied debuff dealing all the damage immediately when then rum wears off, rather than over the following 8 seconds.
- Mirana: Reduced size of Arrow 20%.
- Outworld Destroyer: Aadded visual indicator for Astral Imprisonment Length.
- Riki: Fixed sometimes not attacking his Blink Strike target immediately.
- Spirit Breaker: Fixed a bug allowing charging Razor without moving.
- Fixed Batrider and Outworld Destroyer having 1 to little armor.
- Fixed Chaos Knight having 2 extra armor.
- Fixed Lone Druid having 1.3 to little armor.

- Added support for tournament spectating passes.
- The backpack now displays 64 items, up from 25.
- Select All Other Units feature no longer selects any unit that is lacking attack capability (like Beastmaster's Hawk).
- Added a buff to indicate the duration of Death Prophet's Exorcism.
- Updated Aghanim's Scepter tooltips for Beastmaster, Necrolyte, Queen of Pain, Warlock, and Windrunner.
- Updated the Aghanim's Scepter store preview.
- Fixed bug where large replays were unable to download.
- Replay downloading is now paralleled to improve download speeds.
- Fixed item purchase message crediting the wrong player if the purchased item stacked with someone else's item.

- Added a custom particle effect for Skadi.

- Co-op bot matches will now randomly assign the human players to Radiant or Dire.
- In co-op bot matches, if a human disconnects before picking a hero, the bots will now correctly balance the teams.
- Fixed bots not selecting heroes into non-AP games.
- Fixed bots not deploying their couriers on Passive difficulty.