Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dota 2 Test Build Post Updates - Preparation for Brewmaster on Dota 2 Public Servers

Some post patches for the Dota 2 Test Build update to get ready for Brewmaster's release on the Dota 2 public servers.
Brewmaster will be released for the public servers sometime today in the evening.
(Eastern Time Zone / Pacific Time Zone)

Post Test Build Patch 2
  • Moved Brewmaster to Radiant.
  • Added spigot to Brewmaster's barrel, adjusted Drunken Haze particle effect.
  • Added duration to Primal Split tooltip.
  • Added attack slow to Thunder Clap, and its tooltip.
  • Fixed Aghanim's not reducing the cooldown of Primal Split.
  • Fixed bad tooltip target type for Dispel Magic.
  • Fixed Storm's Cyclone duration on units that are considered heroes like Spirit Bear.
  • Fixed drag-selection order of primal spirits.

Post Test Build Patch 3

  • Fixed Invoker's broken run cycle.
  • Fixed Bloodseeker's Thirst being activated while an enemy hero is in Primal Split, Infest, Astral Imprisonment, etc.
  • Fixed Primal Split units control groups being lost when ability is upgraded.
  • Fixed being unable to gain XP while in Primal Split, Infest, etc.
  • Fixed Thunderclap triggering Linken's Sphere.
  • Fixed bots clumping around hidden heroes like Brewmaster when split and Lifestealer when Infested.

Post Test Build Patch 4

  • Fixed Brewmaster not being able to purchase items while split. Now items are purchasable and will go to the stash. Please test this!
  • Fixed bots spamming about using glyph.