Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dota 2 Test Build Update - March 22, 2012 - Lycanthrope's release post updates

Mini patch update to prepare for Lycanthrope's release on the public server.

Dota 2 Test Build Update - March 22, 2012
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed Shapeshift mana cost.
- Fixed Lycan's Wolves' armor values.
- Fix for illusion Lycans having full death if in wolf form.
- Fixed Tranquil Boots visual charges being 3 instead of 4 (actual was still 4).
- Fixed the first slash of Omnislash not applying vision properly.
- Fixed Lycan having 1 less armor than intended.
- Fixed incorrect HP on Lycan Wolves.
- Fixed incorrect critical strike values on Lycan Wolves.
- Fixed Shapeshift form not increasing armor.
- Fixed the radius of Lycan's shapeshifted vision.
- Made adjusted vision radii display properly on the client.
- Fixed Lycan's Howl to be a global aura.
- Fixed crash bug where you could leave the lobby chat channel while in a lobby.
- Fixed incorrect player names in the lobby.
- Hooked up Lycan's spell cast lines.