Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dota 2 Blink Dagger Guide - Dota 2 Item Guide - Daily Video #1

In this Youtube guide I explain the basics of the blink dagger item. It is a utility item that lets you move a fixed distance from one place to another. Many heroes get this item first because it synergizes well with ganks and hero skills. Some examples of heroes that rush blink dagger include Sand King and Earthshaker...

Blink dagger can be used defensively to escape ganks and dodge projectiles. You simply click on it and click on another location to move away. Keep in mind you can only blink if it is not on cooldown or you were not hit by an enemy controlled unit / Roshan within the last 3 seconds. Blink dagger can be used to save your allies as well, blinking in and stunning a hero to help your ally flee to safety. The most game changing blink is the offensive use. Blinking in with Enigma and using Blackhole is an effective way to initiate a team fight. Whoever initiates first usually has a higher chance to win the teamfight. When you blink in always try to disable a carry or other disablers. Allowing your carry to fight safely without worrying about being disabled themselves.

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