Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dota 2 Tiny Scepter Upgrade - DoubleClickGaming Commentary

Dota 2 Tiny Scepter Upgrade - DoubleClickGaming Commentary. Tiny with a scepter allows him to unlock new buffs and animations that comes with the high cost. Right when you equip this one, the most noticeable thing is Tiny immediately holds a tree.YouTube

Dota 2 Tiny Scepter Upgrade. The animation that comes with Tiny in Grow 0 (Ultimate not yet learned) shows Tiny running in a funny way. He holds the tree with both hands while having quite the trouble running with it. At this stage there is no cleave because the ultimate is not yet learned. After having Grow Lv.1, he starts to hold the tree with 1 hand from there on. The cleave is always 50%, as well as, the tower bonus damage 75%. These two buffs are constant for all levels of Grow. Toss damage is also increased. One of the things to notice is the huge increase in the melee attack range. It goes from around ~100 to 235. When you watch the video you can see how I can hit a tower with a creep standing right in front of me. Those are all the buffs for Tiny with the scepter upgrade. If you want to watch the video Dota 2 Tiny Scepter Upgrade - DoubleClickGaming Commentary - please check it out here


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