Friday, 3 February 2012

Dota 2 Beta Key Additional Entry - DoubleClickGaming - Act Fast #30 - NEW NOTICE

Dota 2 Beta Key Additional Entry by DoubleClickGaming. I'll be pausing the Act Fast for a while now, since I haven't been really making many videos as I used to do. I could save a good amount of time and start working on GUIDES. I'll just make posts daily when I have updated the spreadsheet as usual, and post when I have a new video up. If you're interested in the next Act Fast it will be this one: Youtube The Act Fast #30 Winner is...

View all the winners here: Winners
Results are also shown here and spreadsheet is updated!

Act Fast is a chance to have another entry into the draw!
(I'll put your steam name twice, example: Rakasan, Rakasan2

This is an additional entry for the draw to win a key. Winners go from 1 entry to 2 entries.

The biggest thing you want to think about is entering my subscriber giveaway for March 1st's draw. This is a SEPERATE event and has another beta key to be won. The Email event is different than the events you do on the rules, so try to join it.

Visit my website below to read the full rules and Subscribe via email.