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Dota 2 Sand King Skill Comparison - Crixalis - Dota 2 Versus Dota - DoubleClickGamings

Dota 2 Sand King Skill Comparison. Please visit the Youtube link to watch the video. One of the most noticeable differences has to be Sand King's ultimate. It is transparent in Dota 2 and is extremely hard to notice if you are not focused. If you played Dota, then you know his ultimate pulses out circles with a border around them.

Sand King's Burrowstrike and Sand Storm is very similar. Another noticeable different is Caustic Finale. Instead of being a green explosion it is now a red explosion showing blood. If you want to see more about this check out Dota 2 Sand King Skill Comparison - Here

A side by side skill comparison for Sand King - Crixalis

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Gameplay video clip of Dota 2 with commentary
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