Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dota 2 Beta Key Giveaway Rules!

Please Follow the rules here to be eligible for a Dota 2 Beta Key. You must attempt all of these things in order to have a chance at the key. You can also Subscribe via E-mail FeedBurner on the right side to have an instant entry into another raffle.

There are 2 Giveaways every month. The first one is for doing 1 step;subscribing via e-mail on the right hand side. The second one is for doing the rules below the subscriber link. Subscribing doesn't mean your entered into both giveaways. Subscribing means you are entered into the first giveaway, do the stuff after the subscriber link to be entered into all giveaways (2 in total). So try your best to do everything below.

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Please Follow the rules here to be eligible for a Dota 2 Beta Key. You must attempt all of these things in order to have a chance at the key.
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You should do this part before you read below.
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Great! Now your entered into the First Giveaway!
Giveaway is the 1st of every month

Now here is the other giveaway (2 giveaways in total every month, 1 for subscriber e-mail, 1 for rules,)
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Giving away a Dota 2 Beta Key
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Click here to check your name/nick and winners:
Name/Nick Winners List
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  • 1. Like this page:
  • Facebook Page
  • 2. Subscribe to this:
  • Youtube Subscribe
  • 3. Join the steam group:
  • Steam Group
  • 4. Add as friend on Facebook:
    Facebook Profile
  • 5. Winners will be asked to verify their Facebook, Steam, and Youtube account.
  • 6. I won't disclose the winner's name unless you want me to.
  • 7. Keys given away every month, you can check the giveaway date on steam group page/google docs. Keys are given at random to a lucky subscriber.

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Check out my Twitter/Blog Site. I pick a random name that follows me or comments on my Blog Site
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Great! Now your Entered into the Second Giveaway! 
Giveaway is the first Saturday of every month.

Want higher chances to win a key? Read BELOW

Double or Quadruple or Quintuple your Chances at the next Draw!
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All you have to do is tell people to sign up below!
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Read the rules here:
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20 Referrals - I put your name twice on with a number at the end of your steam name (Bob,Bob2,Bob3)
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35 Referrals - 3 names
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50 Referrals - 5 names
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If you look at your status page and you see your friend adding DoubleClickGaming as a friend then you can write down their Facebook Name and Message me on Facebook or Youtube DoubleClickDota2, when you have 20 names, or 35 or 50 names.
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Try to make them friend me, it will be so much easier:
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Paste this on your Status:
Get a Dota 2 Beta Key! Go to these sites
1. http://tinyurl.com/77myk6b
2. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Dota2S
3. Like this page
4. Add friend
5. Go here if you want to enter the monthly draw by e-mail