Sunday, 22 January 2012

Dota 2 Beta Key Additional Entry - Act Fast #18 Results - Act Fast #19 Live - DoubleClickGaming

Dota 2 Beta Key Additional Entry. Act Fast #18 Winner Posted. Please keep visiting the Youtube links in the post. When you get to the video just make a simple comment. Just keep it easy and I might pick you for a double entry into the draw. If I do pick you please make sure you check the Google Spreadsheet to make sure I added your name correctly, Thank you.

View all the winners here: Winners
Act Fast #19, here is a chance to have another entry into the draw!
(I'll put your steam name twice, example: Rakasan,Rakasan2)
Dota 2 Beta Key Additional Entry. Just follow the steps below! This is an additional entry for the draw to win a key. Winners go from 1 entry to 2 entries.