Sunday, 22 January 2012

Daily Comment Winner. One Winner a Day! 1/22/2012

Comment Winner Posted
Try your best to comment everyday to fill up t he comments section of any post on the website. I check every 24 hours on this site and I just pick someone at random for a double entry win. Good luck! Try your best at a Dota 2 Beta Key!

Daily Comment Winner. One Winner a Day! Same time everyday!
Comment winner posted here: 
(Remember this is not a key, this is another raffle meaning higher chances for the next draw)

Post on any page on the website from now, you have another 24 hours. You can view older posts on the bottom! Good Luck! (1/22/2012)

Check if I added your name correctly here:

Visit my website below to read the full rules.

This link here is for subscribing via e-mail. Why do you want to do this? Because I also give a key to a random subscriber 1st of every month.


Awesome. Extra ways to win are the best. :D

I love DOTA! <3

Steam ID: smellslikecameltoes